Events for June 17, 2024

Week Day – Mini Lab Art Class (baby to 8) MONDAYS

Register for Mondays Classes for VDSA! Weekdays - 12:00 to 1:00 pm Mondays: 6/10, 7/1 & 8/12 Baby to 8 years old Siblings welcome $8 for each person painting Mini Art Labs is all “process art” meaning it is a time of exploration using traditional and non-traditional methods to paint, draw, cut, attach, sculpt, etc. There are no mistakes in process art because there are no expected outcomes. Mini-Labs will have four art stations Self-directed, age appropriate art space full of activities designed to promote creativity, risk-taking and fine motor skill development. This is a parent-inclusive class. Art Factory will provide [...]

Grandparent Support Group

Come meet and share with other grandparents of individuals with Down syndrome! This group is peer-led. Join virtually or in-person.

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