Social Programs for all service areas

We proudly serve over 650 families across Greater Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, and the Central Shenandoah Valley and we look forward to welcoming you into our community.

A map showing all Virginia counties and cities. Counties across Greater Richmond, Williamsburg, Southern Virginia, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, and the Shenandoah Valley colored in blue color

Our social programs encourage community and connection between families. Our hope is that every member with Down syndrome will build a community of peers for friendship, camaraderie, and shared lived experiences. We also strive to build a community for caregivers and siblings of individuals with Down syndrome. We offer many family events and opportunities for caregivers to gather to create space and opportunity for caregivers and siblings to share experiences and resources, learn from each other, and ask questions of each other.


Quarterly Family programs, Step Up for Down Syndrome, Mom’s Night Out


Quarterly Family programs and Mom’s Night Out


Quarterly Family Programs

Shenandoah Valley (Augusta County, Harrisonburg, Staunton & Waynesboro area)

Annual Family Picnic, Step Up for Down Syndrome

Richmond Area

Our largest service area currently provides monthly programs for various ages groups from baby to adults with Down Syndrome all around the Greater Richmond area.

Family programs

quarterly family programs include baseball outings, dance parties and holiday celebrations!

For children 0-5 years old

Monthly programs provide support and information for families in an intimate and small group setting during the early years.  Siblings are always welcome!

For children ages 6-12

Our Adventurers get together for hikes, gymnastics, and fun outings.

For teenagers and young adults ages 13-21

These social programs support developing social skills and friendships. Through a variety of activities and events teens and young adults get an opportunity to try new things in a safe, friendly environment.

For adults ages 21 and older

The fun doesn’t stop after high school! Our adults with Ds get together for dinners out on the town and a variety of enriching activities such as musicals, sporting events, art classes, and exercise classes.

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